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iFact announces the addition of a new partner based in the Netherlands; July 18, 2016

iFact announces the addition of a new partner based in the Netherlands to its network thus extending its reach to the Benelux countries, which represent important European trade counterparties for Canada.


Montreal, July 18, 2016. iFact inc., a consulting firm focusing on the development of innovation and commercialisation strategies in international markets, reports today that access to the Benelux markets (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) becomes easier and more efficient for North-American companies, since Charles van der Pluijm is joining iFact’s partner network. Specialising in IT-solutions and healthcare products/medical devices, Charles von der Pluijm brings many years of experience in international business development to the network. Based in the Netherlands, he covers the territories of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

"We have worked with Charles since more than three years and we are very excited that he will work with us even more closely in the future”, commented Sabine Kerner, founder of iFact inc. “Both the Netherlands and Belgium are interesting “niche markets” that allow product and business model testing for further roll-out into the other markets of the European Union. These countries serve often as springboard for further development within continental Europe”, continued Sabine.

”Many potential distributors and partners in both the Netherlands and Belgium have already ties to other European countries, such as Germany and France. They are easy to approach and decide quickly,” explained Charles. ”It is important to find the right fit, and to develop innovative business models allowing a Win-Win for all parties involved,” continued Charles. ”Even in the new age of Internet and online search at your fingertips, personal local relationships remain important in Europe to open doors and establish trust.“

Trade relations between Canada and the Netherlands, as well as between Canada and Belgium are important and comparable to trade volumes between Canada and Germany, the second most important partner in the European Union behind the United Kingdom. According to Statistics Canada, in 2015, the export value of Canadian goods to the Netherlands was $3.7 billion  , representing the 3rd most important European export country for Canada.  Exports from Canada to Belgium were $3.2 billion compared to exports from Canada to Germany, valued at $3.9 billion.
Founded in 1995, iFact offers strategic planning, commercialisation and risk management services to clients in the private and public sectors. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, iFact supports North-American firms by accelerating their expansion in new markets, as well by guiding international firms wishing to establish a strong foothold in the Quebec/Canada and the US markets.

By taking advantage of iFact’s network of partners and relationships across Europe, North-American companies expand their reach faster and more efficiently. iFact’s international development services include market validation of service/product offerings, partner and distributor search as well as negotiation and local launch support.

iFact’s innovative approach fosters the adoption of new business models such as

  • The creation of complementary cross-partnerships where local companies expand into a new geographic market, and vice-versa, the foreign partner’s services/products are sold in Canada or North-America;
  • The development of OEM partnerships with companies interested in white label solutions and licensing agreements where a given technology/intellectual property is sold under the partner’s brand;
  • Taking advantage of low currency evaluations of the Canadian dollar to the US dollar and the Euro by offering Canadian products/services in a subcontractor relationship to European and US firms.

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