iFact's financial advisory services help our clients ensure that their risk management framework (governance, processes, systems) keep pace with financial markets evolution and regulatory changes which can have tremendous impacts on their stakeholders.

Our comprehensive services include mandates in risk management, operational improvement of Treasury and Risk management departments, independent review of fair valuation for various asset classes, operational due diligence as well as corporate governance mandates.

Specific mandates include support to Internal Audit for reviews of Treasury departments, of Credit and market risk management, strategic reviews of internal risk management frameworks and governance, independent review of fair valuation of OTC derivatives, compliance to existing banking regulation (i.e. Basel 2) and new banking and securities regulation (i.e. Basel 3, Dodd Frank Act) assistance in selection of specialized financial back office, risk management and asset liability management IT solutions.

Our international projects include leading the Treasury or risk management segments of Institutional Building Programs or Technical Assistance Mandates addressed to emerging markets commercial banks or central banks.


  • Internal audits of trading, market and credit risk management, real estate, private equity, asset allocation, asset liability management, back and middle office operations and foreign exchange operations
  • Risk-related evaluations for finance ministries, central banks and Crown Corporations
  • International benchmarking surveys to canvass best practices
  • Independent review of fair valuations for portfolios of OTC derivatives, unlisted securities, real estate debt and private debt
  • Operational and internal controls due diligence
  • Treasury and Risk Management streams of Institutional building programs
  • Review of the risk management of the sovereign fund of the Central Bank of an emerging country
  • Currency hedging strategy and development of hedging policies
  • Development of new internal risk management policies and procedures.