Economic Development

The modern view of economic development today refers both to the increase of GDP and to indicators of improving life conditions. The local, regional and national economic agencies have to deal with a complex and globalized environment in which the economic advantages are continuously redefined (competition, jobs and company creation) and fundamentally connected to social issues (environment, quality of life, fight against poverty, etc.).

Through its Economic Development Practice, iFact supports this sector by proposing innovative solutions to its clients to help them meet adequately their objectives. We are working across all sectors of economic and social development, especially on issues relating to:

- Private sector development
- Entrepreneurship
- innovation and creativity
- Regional policies
- Social development and the
- Reinforcement of not-for-profit organizations, community groups and foundations.

Our consulting services span the complete cycle from originating an idea to the implementation of a solution. We accompany our clients in their research and forecasting, in the identification and evaluation of important issues, in the development of new concepts or policies and during the implementation phase of their strategy. We are also intervolved in program or project evaluations.

Our clients are federal or provincial ministries, local and regional economic development agencies, sector associations and groups as well as not-for-profit organizations and charities.


Sabine Kerner
Montreal, Canada


Sabine Kerner, founder of iFact inc., is an experienced consultant in business and innovation strategy, business modeling and planning. Since the beginning of her career, the development and management of innovation have formed a leitmotif of her professional life.

She is familiar with a large number of markets and industries, equally comfortable with SMEs, large companies and organizations in the private and public sector. An important number of her mandates were dedicated to economic, social and community development.

She holds an MBA from the Technical University of Berlin (Germany) and is accredited counselor at ADRIQ and Emploi Québec. She regularly lectures on innovation and growth strategies for different types of organizations.