Social Economy and Not-for-Profit sector

During the last few years, there has been an increasingly significant presence of players of the social economy in the economic landscape.  This was achieved mainly through their search for ways to integrate values such as the importance of human capital, serving the community or social usefulness into the world of business.

With a background of decreasing public funding and increasing competition among organizations to obtain public or private funds, not-for-profit organizations need to reassess the viability of their projects, the efficiency of their operations as well as their positioning in the market, particularly in regard to other organizations or private companies.

Our team advisory services are concentrated on strategic planning, on the evaluation of new projects or services or on the development of solutions to optimize resources thereby assuring the longevity of an organization, all within the respect of our client’s social mission. Our intervention aims at helping an organization find the right strategic direction and validate its new orientations with sponsors and potential partners. We also accompany our clients during the implementation phase, at the launching stage and at various milestones of the project for review and evaluation purposes.

Our clients in the social economy space include not-for profit and community organizations as well as charities working in the social services sectors, arts + culture, environment, immigrant integration, etc.

We also work with committees, industrial associations and groups of stakeholders (private companies, artists, community organizations) who share common objectives to bring new structures to a local or regional environment.


  • Study of various models for a group of community organizations aimed at improving the structure of social development coordination in a given territory
  • Feasibility studies and development of strategic plans for service organizations offering assistance for start-up entrepreneurs
  • Feasibility studies for several projects related to food security and cultural initiatives
  • Strategic planning for organizations involved in the Defense of Rights and immigrant integration
  • Coaching for organizations related to environmental issues.